WKDC Club Handbook

Club regulations can be downloaded/viewed here:

Club RegulationsAs revised nov15

Club constitution can be downloaded/viewed here:


NCMD Risk assessment can be found here – it is 11 pages long!


Meeting place maps

brownsrep -Browns School

crutchrep – Crutches Lane

edenrep – Edenbridge Town Station

godrep – Godstone pond


Definition of Treasure can be downloaded/viewed here:

Summary Definition of Treasure

Club Competition Guidelines can be downloaded/viewed here:

Guidelines for the Competition 

Competition Entry form can be downloaded/viewed here:


NCMD Code of Conduct can be downloaded/viewed here:

NCMD Code of Conduct

Countryside Code can be found at the following:


Guide to Grid References can be downloaded/viewed here


Treasurer Receipt form can be downloaded/viewed here:

New T Receipt 2006




2 Responses

  1. Beach_Comber January 10, 2016 / 11:16 am

    Hi, I am interested in joining the West Kent Detector Club, as I live in Smallfield in Surrey, just over the Sussex border and my roots are in Kent. I would only be able to partake in mid week events as I have other commitments at the weekends.
    I have downloaded the application form, but unless I am more senile than I thought I cannot find the address to send it to.

    Address please and lets hope it stops raining sometime soon.

    Regards, Beach Comber.

    • Secretary January 20, 2016 / 8:05 pm

      The address is there I believe you need to scroll down a bit. Searches are at weekends only!

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