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Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club

Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club.


WKDC.co.uk is an information hub about Metal Detecting.
As well as keep you informed with all the Club News.

Since the early days of the WKDC the club (formed in late 1978/early 1979 by two enthusiastic metal detectorists, Stephen Johnston and John Williams), has expanded and grown, in terms of members & activities! The club can be found at events around Kent, Surrey & Sussex displaying finds & educating the public as well as offering a recovery service for unfortunates who have mislaid metallic objects. In 2007, some members of the West Kent Detector Club even appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Time Team‘!

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Can detectorists be archaeologists? – PAS Conference 2016 – Monday 21st November, 2016


A Message from Michael Lewis (Portable Antiquities Scheme):Please find the programme for the PAS Conference 2016:

09:30 Registration

10:00 Roy Stephenson (Museum of London): Welcome

10:10 Dr Michael Lewis (British Museum) & Dr Pieterjan Deckers (Vrije Universiteit Brussel): Working Together

10:30 Dr Felicity Winkley (University College London): A Fount of Local Knowledge: metal-detectorists and landscape archaeology

11:00 Dr Phil Harding (metal-detectorist and self-recorder): Metal detecting in Leicestershire: insights from detailed recording

11:30 David Haldenby (metal-detectorist from Yorkshire): Detecting the Landscape

12:00 Lindsey Bedford (erstwhile metal-detectorist): Detecting a Path into Archaeology

12:30  Lunch (not provided)

14:00 Faye Minter (Suffolk County Council): The Use of Systematic Metal-detecting in Suffolk as an Archaeological Survey Technique

14:30 Carl Chapness (Oxford Archaeology): Metal-detecting and Archaeology

15:00 Samantha Rowe (University of Huddersfield) Archaeology of the plough-zone 

15:30 John Maloney (National Council for Metal Detecting) The Future of archaeology and metal-detecting

16:00 Dr Mike Heyworth (Council for British Archaeology) The Future of archaeology and metal-detecting: building or burning bridges?

16:30 Finish

please note: we are unable to provide refreshments!


PAS Conference 2016 – Can Detectorists Be Archaeologists?

Monday, November 21, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT)
Museum of London
150 London Wall
EC2Y 5HN London
United Kingdom
Organized by Michael Lewis (Portable Antiquities Scheme)
 Free tickets from Eventbrite.com and search for PAS Conference



Festive Fun Forecast


Is it that time already! An early warning for our December 16th meeting at which, in addition to the monthly competition, the following annual competitions will be judged: artefact; coin; eyes only. Eligible entries for the last two are any that have been placed first or second in the monthlies. Please return any trophies that need engraving. Others can be returned no later than January 2017. And the solid silver ones should be nicely polished, please. Make sure your butler does a good job.

There will be the usual raffle – donations welcome – some snacks and non alcoholic drinks will be provided but feel free to supplement the fayre. Bring a beer or wine if you like. And, of course, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a Ken and Gill quiz – so bring your brains also. And  feel free to bring wives, husbands, partners, girlfriends, boyfriends – or all of them.

An early present for you: there will be no post Brexit increase in next year’s membership fees. (Decided by committee28th Oct.)

It would help if you could let me know whether or not you will be attending by emailing: cowley115@btinternet.com


Merry Christmas one and all.

Chairman Joe.

Evening meeting 21st October, 2016

We had a quiet evening meeting but had some good finds entered in the monthly competition. A few members brought along some excellent recent finds to show everyone as well.

Lesley had also dug out a challenging pictogram competition, with a small prize for the most right answers, to tease everyone’s brain cells!

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Detector for Sale

I received this information via the website ‘Contact Us’ form:

From: marjorie ives <royandmarj@yahoo.co.uk>

Subject: sale of detector


Message Body:


I have been given a detector to sell for my children’s charity. I believe it’s a good one, would anyone from your club would be interested? I don’t know anything about them just it’s  a cs1220xd Cscope with head phones.