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Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club

Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club.


WKDC.co.uk is an information hub about Metal Detecting.
As well as keep you informed with all the Club News.

Since the early days of the WKDC the club (formed in late 1978/early 1979 by two enthusiastic metal detectorists, Stephen Johnston and John Williams), has expanded and grown, in terms of members & activities! The club can be found at events around Kent, Surrey & Sussex displaying finds & educating the public as well as offering a recovery service for unfortunates who have mislaid metallic objects. In 2007, some members of the West Kent Detector Club even appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Time Team‘!

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Contaminated Green Waste

Dear all


Further to the articles on CGW which appeared in the recent edition of Digging Deep, I am pleased to advise that there is now an app that can be downloaded on to a smartphone, iPad or laptop where detectorists can upload information regarding previously found CGW.

The web based reporting form is now live at this address http://ceg-research.ncl.ac.uk/greenwasteproject/ and it is completely anonymous.


As mentioned in Digging Deep, it is hoped that this will help James Gerrard and Martin Cooke at Newcastle University to build up a body of evidence that will demonstrate the scale of the problem to the powers that be.


I would be grateful if you could make members in your Region aware of this app and ask them to make use of it whenever they encounter CGW whilst detecting.







At our evening meeting on 15th July, some fourteen of us sat down for a chat which turned into an impromptu teach in on the subject of mudlarking – searching the Thames foreshore – which area, apparently, is a right of way.

Several of our most recent recruits are experienced in this field – in addition to stalwarts, Ken and Gill. You need a licence to scrape to a depth of three inches only, and something akin to a Masonic initiation to give you access to deeper levels. Andy – hope I’ve got the name correct – searches eyes only and without scraping. He passed round three of his finds (just happened to have them with him – and why not?).

Cufflinks commemorating Admiral Duncan’s defeat of the Dutch fleet in 1797 thereby thwarting a possible invasion by the Dutch and French forces. Until Andy found these nobody was aware of their existence. They do not bear the date of the battle as you were only entitled to them if you were there, and therefore probably wouldn’t forget when it happened.

A very nice Venetian glass bead and  jetton were also passed around.

All three were in excellent condition because the mud is an excellent preservative and mainly free of any agents that will contaminate them. I’m sure Andy would be happy to show you his treasures when next you meet.

Please let me know if any of the above facts are incorrect, Andy, or whoever you are!

Should you be interested: check out thamesdiscovery.org for a public event on 18th September 2016 at Tower Bridge beach.

Also: ornc.org for a similar event at Greenwich on 6th August 2016. I did this one a couple of years ago and found it very informative.

Both offer an opportunity to go upon the foreshore.

Good signals and sights.


Chairman Joe.


This article (left click on image to enlarge) was published in a 1996 issue of Eureka – the club’s hard copy magazine published prior to the advent of this website.

It caught my eye not only from the interest point of view but also because the swan (?) image looked familiar. Something tells me I have seen it, or something very similar, on a button – not one of my finds.


On another subject: I think it was last year that we searched at Nags Hall Farm – on the A25 east of Godstone. Land where point-to-point races are held.

There was a good turnout and some reasonable stuff was found. I have tried to arrange another visit but unfortunately have been unable to contact the owner. It’s a mystery why he has not at least responded.


Don’t forget that, thanks to Mac’s research, we have another guest speaker on 20th May so please make the effort to attend. And don’t forget to wear your name badge. I will bring more for those of you who have yet to be “pinned”.

Chairman Joe.