• Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club

  • Evening meeting 21st October, 2016

  • Detector for Sale

  • Sunday Search 2nd October, 2016

  • Ploughing Match 1st October, 2016

Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club

Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club.


WKDC.co.uk is an information hub about Metal Detecting.
As well as keep you informed with all the Club News.

Since the early days of the WKDC the club (formed in late 1978/early 1979 by two enthusiastic metal detectorists, Stephen Johnston and John Williams), has expanded and grown, in terms of members & activities! The club can be found at events around Kent, Surrey & Sussex displaying finds & educating the public as well as offering a recovery service for unfortunates who have mislaid metallic objects. In 2007, some members of the West Kent Detector Club even appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Time Team‘!

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Evening meeting 21st October, 2016

We had a quiet evening meeting but had some good finds entered in the monthly competition. A few members brought along some excellent recent finds to show everyone as well.

Lesley had also dug out a challenging pictogram competition, with a small prize for the most right answers, to tease everyone’s brain cells!

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Detector for Sale

I received this information via the website ‘Contact Us’ form:

From: marjorie ives <royandmarj@yahoo.co.uk>

Subject: sale of detector


Message Body:


I have been given a detector to sell for my children’s charity. I believe it’s a good one, would anyone from your club would be interested? I don’t know anything about them just it’s  a cs1220xd Cscope with head phones.



Local Rally


I received this notification via our ‘Contact Us’ form on the club website and I know nothing about it other than is written here. I suggest if you are interested you contact Steve as below.


From: Steve <roberts4040@yahoo.co.uk>

Subject: Rally


Message Body:

Rally held Nov , 30 acre farm 16th centuary sussex weekend rally . Call Steve on 07464338088. Parking space available hot drinks food . Entry £10 per day or £30 weekend portor loos available .


Club Search Sunday 2nd October

There was a decent turnout for our latest dig and some very reasonable finds are still popping up.

I saw two hammereds and a mid sized Roman bronze coin.

My finds are shown below…….which include a rose farthing in decent nick, a silver button, clog clasp, lead weight and a rather nice but sadly broken, Post Medieval toggle clasp from a sword belt hanger (c. 16th century AD), see PAS record SUSS-3EAEBO or Post Medieval toggle clasp, Type 7, illustrated in Read (2008, 211; ref. 765).


Appear on TV?

From: Naomi Hancocks <naomi.hancocks@spungoldtv.com>

Subject: Antiques & collectibles enthusiasts for new TV Show


Message Body:



I work for the TV production company Spun Gold, we are currently looking for contestants for ITV’s antiques based show called Masterpiece hosted by Alan Titchmarsh.


I was wondering whether any of your members would consider being on the show? It would be great to discuss further.


Many thanks