• Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club

  • Evening Meeting – Friday 19th May, 2017

  • Club Gazebo


  • Search Arranged for 21st May

Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club

Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club.


WKDC.co.uk is an information hub about Metal Detecting.
As well as keep you informed with all the Club News.

Since the early days of the WKDC the club (formed in late 1978/early 1979 by two enthusiastic metal detectorists, Stephen Johnston and John Williams), has expanded and grown, in terms of members & activities! The club can be found at events around Kent, Surrey & Sussex displaying finds & educating the public as well as offering a recovery service for unfortunates who have mislaid metallic objects. In 2007, some members of the West Kent Detector Club even appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Time Team‘!

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Evening Meeting – Friday 19th May, 2017

We had a quiet meeting with member’s bringing along their ‘mystery’ finds. We discussed going to Shoreham Aircraft Recovery Museum for our July evening meeting and took a note of how many members were interested and whether they would prefer the Friday evening and opposed to a Saturday afternoon.

We are still looking for help at our display at Lullingstone Castle on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th May from 10am – 5pm approx. It promises to be a good couple of days out with our display being part of a Medieval Re-enactment event with lots to see and even archery and cannon firing taking place! If you can assist please let Geoff know a.s.a.p.



Club Gazebo

We thought you might like to see the new club gazebo which was jointly funded by us and by the NCMD Southern Region. The committee members erected it as a trial run before the committee meeting on Friday evening. It will be used for the first time at the Lullingstone Castle Medieval weekend on 28th and 29th May where WKDC will be putting on a display in conjunction with other clubs from the Southern Region. If you can help on either of these days – between 10am-5pm or even part of the time please let Geoff know.


We have been unable to arrange a speaker in time for our meeting on 19th May so you are invited to bring  an object of mystery – either because you have no idea what it is or, it is so obscure and rare, you want to put fellow members to the test. To broaden the scope, it doesn’t need to be a detecting find or metallic.


As you know, we have Simon Elliott coming in June  to speak on the Roman navy; other speakers are in the pipeline.


Chairman Joe.

7th May Search Report

Twenty one members attended the search, weather good all day, the ground was very hard and dry due to the lack of rain in recent weeks. There were a number of very worn silver coins found along with some pre-decimal copper coins and musket balls. Notable finds were a small wire gold ring, unfortunately not datable as it had no markings. The best find of the day was a Henry V111 hammered silver groat 1526-44 in remarkable good condition considering its time in the ground.


Geoff recovers hay baler tines!

This morning we were called in by a local farmer to recover a couple of his hay baler tines (the red steel rods in the picture) which had been inadvertantly covered by his straw pile!

Geoff did the job in a couple of minutes and before Lesley had even switched on her detector!

Evening Meeting Friday 16th June, 2017

I have arranged for Simon Elliott to attend our monthly meeting on 16th June and I have obtained from him the following statement on the subject of his talk:-

Simon Elliott, historian and archaeologist, will be talking about his recently published research on the Classis Britannica, the Roman navy in Britain (and in effect Britain’s first ever navy).  This regional fleet patrolled the waters around the British Isles from the mid 1st century AD to the mid 3rd century AD, before disappearing from history.  While active it participated in all of the major campaigns in the province, including two attempts to conquer Scotland, and also defended the continental coast up the Rhine Estuary.  It was also very important in Kent as not only did it have forts and fortified harbours at Dover and likely Lympne (at least), but also ran the big regional extractive industries for the State. Simon Elliott will tell its full story in his presentation.

Andy L

Please can we have a good attendance from Club Members. Feel free to bring along your family members and friends.


Search Sunday 9th April

A very good turn out for this search, nineteen members attended and we had wall to wall sunshine all day. As for finds,  mostly decimal coins although there were a few interesting pieces found.


Search Sunday 19th March

A  good turn out for the search, about twelve club members and the weather was kind for us again. Not many finds in the paddock areas but the large south east field produced a number of Victorian coins musket balls and artefacts.