• Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club

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Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club

Welcome to the West Kent Detector Club.


WKDC.co.uk is an information hub about Metal Detecting.
As well as keep you informed with all the Club News.

Since the early days of the WKDC the club (formed in late 1978/early 1979 by two enthusiastic metal detectorists, Stephen Johnston and John Williams), has expanded and grown, in terms of members & activities! The club can be found at events around Kent, Surrey & Sussex displaying finds & educating the public as well as offering a recovery service for unfortunates who have mislaid metallic objects. In 2007, some members of the West Kent Detector Club even appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Time Team‘!

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Waterproof footwear

I received this email via the website and thought it might be of interest.

From: Malcolm Harris <sales@thedrybootcompany.com>

Subject: Waterproof footwear


Message Body:

With your permission, I would like to send you details of our own brand, Harris Dryboot – a waterproof, washable lace up boot, which has proved to be very popular with metal detecting and archaeological clubs.    We do not believe in cold calling but we would like to bring the boot to your attention.   If you could provide your email address, I will send (one-off contact) a small ‘flyer’.   Full details of the Dryboot can be seen on our website at:   www.thedrybootcompany.com

Thank you.

With kind regards,

Malcolm Harris, The Dryboot Company

Evening Meeting – Friday 17th February

Don’t forget that we are entertaining a guest speaker, David Williams, the Finds Liaison Officer for both Surrey and Berkshire at this evening meeting. He will be giving a presentation of recent metal detecting finds recorded on the PAS found in Surrey.
David has given us a number of interesting talks in the past but hasn’t been to the club for a while.

Please come along and support the event. Friends and family welcome.