Those were the days. These are the days.

Number 534 in a series of miscellaneous items of interest.


From Treasure Hunting June 1992.

“The police in Dorset have got fed up with being called out to confrontations between huntspeople and those who oppose them. Their solution? To ban hunting – and this is what they propose at a forthcoming Police Federation meeting.

We should be aware that they could use this tactic against any activity that they find bothersome, including detector users in any circumstances ranging from nighthawking to busibodies phoning the police if we dare to search a public park.

This is very much the thin end of the wedge and we trust the Police Federation will bin the proposal; their job is to uphold the law, not to make it.”

Detecting in Greenwich Park, anyone?



Sunday Times 2017.

In the advice page, a landowner sought guidance on how to respond to a request from a detectorist to search his land. The response was mostly sensible – drawing up a contract, NCMD insurance, defining search areas, treasure, etc. The last paragraph was alarming (albeit a growing trend). It advised charging a fee: “upwards of £200. per anum.”

At that price, you’d want to be guaranteed some good stuff. Fortunately, our farmers are happy with a bottle or a box of chocs.


Chairman Joe.