Evening Meeting Friday 16th June, 2017

I have arranged for Simon Elliott to attend our monthly meeting on 16th June and I have obtained from him the following statement on the subject of his talk:-

Simon Elliott, historian and archaeologist, will be talking about his recently published research on the Classis Britannica, the Roman navy in Britain (and in effect Britain’s first ever navy).  This regional fleet patrolled the waters around the British Isles from the mid 1st century AD to the mid 3rd century AD, before disappearing from history.  While active it participated in all of the major campaigns in the province, including two attempts to conquer Scotland, and also defended the continental coast up the Rhine Estuary.  It was also very important in Kent as not only did it have forts and fortified harbours at Dover and likely Lympne (at least), but also ran the big regional extractive industries for the State. Simon Elliott will tell its full story in his presentation.

Andy L

Please can we have a good attendance from Club Members. Feel free to bring along your family members and friends.