About us

The West Kent Detector Club was formed in late 1978 /early 1979. We meet at Browns School, Chelsfield, Kent BR6 7PH on (usually) the third Friday of the month. We search on club farm sites fortnightly in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex areas. We have recently joined forces with West Kent Archaeological Society to assist them on archaeological digs and they have assisted us on sites we have discovered.

We have also assisted Shoreham Aircraft Recovery Group when they have been looking for crashed WWII aircraft. WKDC is affilicated to Kent Archaeological Society and is a member of LEGISE NCMD (SR) (Landscape Explorers Group in the South-East, National Council for Metal Detecting Southern region). We have fifty members, some of whom are retired from detecting but like to keep in contact with the club through the website.

The club has a portable exhibition which contains a fascinating display of finds from all over the south east of England. The exhibition includes coins and metal artefacts that date back to the bronze age, and stone age tools and implements that club members have spotted on local farmland. We take the display to county fairs, agricultural and craft shows all over the region at no cost to the organiser and it always elicits a high degree of interest among visitors. If you are an organiser of such events and would like us to participate please contact us via the contact form.