Two chances: some hope and Bob Hope!

I quote from The Daily Telegraph:

Farmers reliant on EU subsidies are plugging the funding gap caused by Brexit by inviting metal detectorists on land in the hope they find treasure.

Since the referendum, detecting clubs are finding it easier to gain access. Mike Barber, who runs the Midweek Searchers, a metal detecting club, said:

“Attitudes have definitely changed. Farmers might not get the grants they are used to. Now they might let you on to find some treasure and, if you do, they are made.” But Minette Batters, from NFU warned: “Farmers must be aware of restrictions which apply on land.”


The farmers’ pigs might fly as well!


The club is attending an event at Keston Common on 25th June. If you are available to help, please let me know on

Chairman Joe.